Thursday, September 8, 2011

People Who Don't Belong In Government

  1. Those who think government is evil
  2. Those who think government is incapable of solving problems
  3. Those who think government should not be solving problems
  4. Those who think government has no obligation to support its citizens.
  5. Those who think their form of worship is superior to the works of humanity and want to impose it on all citizens
Government is only as capable as those who run it. Placing people incapable of accepting government for what it is in positions of importance, is the surest way to destroy a nation. We need people who can be open-minded, fair, reasonable, compassionate, and who will compromise to get work done, not party sycophants or fear mongers or power grabbers. America suffers, where it cannot follow the precepts outlined for it by its founders: that each of us is equal and each of us is responsible to ourselves and to our fellow citizens. Those who cannot see themselves as part of a greater whole cannot possibly work toward the greater good.

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