Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fighting For Independence

My Fellow Citizens, I appeal to you in the name of all that is True and Right with the World, to follow me in Acts of Revolution, to cast off the Tyranny that grips us right now. I speak of none other than The Monied Powers, those Charlatans of Capitalism, who place the Value of the Almighty Dollar ahead of the Value of the Human Life, who speak of the Yolk of Taxation restraining their ability to Create Jobs, even as they pay Not One Thin Dime to the Public Treasury, seeing fit to ship American Jobs to Foreign Lands where they can pay far less for Labor and are Free of Their Obligations to the country that has Supported Them.

What is Even Worse than the machinations of The Monied Powers, is the Malfeasance and Misanthropy of those Elected Officials placed in positions of power with the United States Government, who use their power to Secure and Enhance the position of The Monied Powers at the expense of Every Citizen. These Lackeys of Commerce do the Bidding of Their Masters to ensure that their Coffers Remain Full with the money taken from the accounts Hard-Working Middle-Class and the mouths of the Poor & Penniless.

I say "Enough!" to this constant Harassment & Degradation of the Ninety-Eight Percent of Americans who make this country What It Is! What do these Titans of Capitalism think they have done for us, when they make Cheap & Inferior Goods and tell us that We Must Buy Them to have the Latest and Greatest?!?! They have spent decades Greasing the Wheels of Commerce on the backs of the Average American, pushing them into High Debt, while they luxuriated in their Mansions. Through the Manipulation of Government, they have ensured an electorate seemingly Incapable of Telling Lies from Truth, insuring the continued presence of their Corporate Toadies in the Halls of Government.

We were a proud nation once, a nation that Lead the Industrial Age, pioneered the Technical Age, and landed Men on the Moon to open the Space Age. Yet here we are, amidst the Information Age, frittering away our Technological Power and chopping away at the Tree Trunk that is Our Liberty, all in the name of the Almighty Dollar, which does not end up Benefiting All Americans, only The Monied Powers. We stand bereft of Jobs, bereft of Homes, bereft of a Future, all because some will not fulfill their Human Duty to their Fellow Citizens, content to wrap themselves in their Ill-Gotten Gains.

Greed has overtaken a country founded on Freedom for All and Liberty for the Individual. Corporations and their Money-Grubbing Minions have sold America out, turned it into their Personal Cash Register, all to inflate their own Over-Inflated Egos. We, the Majority, the people who Make Things, and Do Things, and Feed and Clothe The Masses, are not the Servants of The Monied Powers, nor should we accept such a role. They may supply us with Goods & Services but without Our Dollars, those Goods & Services would rot on the vine.

So I say unto you, Americans One and All, that we must Commence Another Revolution, not of Shot & Steel, but of Ballot & Bank Account. We must decline the invitation to Sell Our Souls for their Goods & Services. We must Vote Out the Cronies and Charlatans who serve The Monied Powers. We must take back control of The United States from those who would Reduce Us to Serfs in their Money-Backed Fiefdom. We must Re-Establish the full Faith & Credit of the nation built by The Founding Fathers, honor the debts of the Few to the Many, and Once More establish the Individual -- and not the Corporation -- as the Arbiter of Things American. Long Reign Individual Freedom and Liberty!!!

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