Sunday, January 2, 2011

Let It Be Resolved

...that Americans will stop sitting on their hands and get involved in the political process, lest it continue to be run by fringe groups and the mechanized parties that seek to hold power long after they have expended any real ability to govern.

...that we will put down bigotry, hatred, and ignorance wherever we find them.

...that no family need go without a home.

...that no child will go without a decent meal and a proper education, or suffer at the hands of bullies.

...that we will scrape up whatever we can to provide comfort and charity to others in the coming year.

...that we will speak out rather than remaining silent

...that we will support those who show they have the best interests of all of us at heart and shun those who would rely on fear and derision to divide us.

...that we will not allow partisanship to keep us from doing what is right.

...that no woman shall have to suffer at the hands of a man

...that peace shall become more important to us than war

...that we will hold others accountable for their actions, where those actions cause harm to any of us

...that we will learn to accept the differences between us, and not allow them to divide us

...that we won't have to keep making these resolutions.

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