Saturday, December 11, 2010

If I Were A Rich Man

If I were a rich man I would...

...become an unpaid teacher, to shape and mold future minds and help them become the best they can be.

...not allow any person in my town go to bed hungry.

...invest in companies with pro-social and pro-environment products/services.

...encourage people to become involved in local and state politics, to take back control from the machines and monied interests.

...start an organization dedicated to teaching girls that math, science, and engineering can be interesting and fun.

...contribute money directly to research organizations looking at means for curing cancer, AIDS, and autism, as well as other human maladies.

...provide funding to allow the continued exploration of the Solar System.

...give every African family a mosquito net. a legal service that would serve the interests of those who could not afford legal counsel but have need of it several houses a month for needy families, mortgage-free, solar-paneled, and super-insulated.

...create jobs wherever and however I could.

...donate money to the United Nations to help fund its social programs. my taxes plus a little extra.

...not keep a penny more than I actually needed to.

If I were a rich man.


  1. So true Newt but you can do some of that stuff now if you wanted to, regardless of money. The operative thing is time, not money.

    How about this one: depending on your schedule and your kids' schedule, teach a free class at your local HS or library for new immigrants or old folks on computer literacy. Offer 8 or so weekly sessions to start.

  2. I already do little bits, as time and money allows. I think my point was more that those who have so much more, have the capacity to do so much more than they do. Bernie Sanders made an eloquent case yesterday about the disparities between the rich and poor, that I thought about what I would do with that kind of wherewithal.