Monday, May 31, 2010

They Fall That We May Rise

We who sit in comfort bought
Know little of the true price paid
By all those who fought and fought
And now in the ground are laid

We little think of them now
Save once or twice a year
Not ever conceiving how
They fought through all their fear

We fly our flags and gaily wave
As the living ones do walk by
Thinking of what comrades gave
Before they had to die

Then we drive off to the malls
To get our shopping in
As some gather near the walls
To remember fallen kin

The day will come and go again
As have so many passed
Never knowing exactly when
We can ever see the last

You may not know why the day
Comes again each year
But those who died along the way
Are the reason you are here

They gave hearth and home
To stem an evil tide
Never more shall they roam
From the places they have died

You owe each one a greater debt
One perhaps you can't repay
Though you can start by showing yet
To honor them this day


To all the men and women, throughout the history of our nation, the United States of America, who so gallantly fought, and tragically died, that we might retain the blessings of freedom and liberty. And, to all those still living, that have fought and do fight now, for their dedication, their service, and their sacrifice in the name of their countrymen.

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