Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The First Night

The first night in a new place
Is always the hardest
The furniture is different
The floor doesn't squeak right
You hear noises you don't recognize

And you get up at some point
Shuffling quietly to the bathroom
Fumbling for the switch
The light stings your eyes
And it takes time to adjust

But there in the mirror
Is the face you know well
Etched by the long, hard fight
The multitudinous sleepless nights
And the tumultuous days on the road

It is a face at once familiar
Yet not quite the one you know
For it seems different somehow
In the cool, bright light that bathes you
In this unfamilair place

So you stand there staring
At the countenance before you
Listening to your breathing
As it echoes off the tiles
Syncopating with your heartbeat

Slowly the idea spreads within you
You are HERE!
The place you have always wanted
The place you knew you belonged
The place where destiny is forged

You flip off the light
Stride quietly back to bed
And nestle under the covers
That first night is strange
Until you realize you belong


  1. Nice! Is this yours? b/c if so, I am jaywords. (PSST Its Trashtastic)

  2. Yes it is -- I got the idea last night lying in bed and wrote first thing this morning when I got into work, before I forgot it.

  3. Very, very nice and extremely evocative of what's going on now.