Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm Angry

Apparently, I am not alone in being angry in this country right now, but perhaps the reasons for my ire are not quite the same as those of many others. You see, I'm angered by:

- The fact that there appear to be so many "real" Americans ignorant of their country's history, who have bent and distorted it to their own purposes, rather than owning up to it, being proud of the accomplishments and sorry for the mistakes.

- The profusion of "celebrities" who assume that their celebrity somehow gives them a greater moral compass than my own.

- The tide of frustration at the Federal government, when that government is run by the people we elected, as if somehow we have no responsibility for its current state.

- The constant calls for an end to "big government," when no one can come up with a number or a formula for just how big the Federal government should be. Does anyone realize how many people live in the United States, and how much square footage it covers, and its influence on the rest of the world?

- The constant attempts to break humanity into pieces, selectively denying certain groups certain rights based solely on who they are. Not to harp on it, but the privileges and laws of this country are supposed to cover all persons equally.

- The continued existence of blatant bigotry, misogyny, racism, homophobia, Antisemitism, and all other forms of anti-social behavior. When will we get over ourselves, and realize that we are all part of the human milieu, differences notwithstanding.

- The continual turning of a blind eye toward the corruption, greed, and obfuscation that has led to our economic woes and our dependence on cheap goods and cheap oil.

- The moralizing of certain groups who would impose upon myself and others, doctrines that are not in our best interests, solely because their belief tells them they are right, and that somehow they must save us from ourselves.

- The resistance to reason and logic and science brought about by some misguided and misanthropic desire to live in a past world that no longer exists, if it ever did, as if it were possible to simply slip from human progress.

- The denial of the effects of our unbridled industrial growth on the health and welfare of the ecosystem of our home world, the only world we know of in the entire universe which supports our kind of life.

- The narrowness of vision that seems to grip our leaders when it comes to confronting the future that awaits us, leaving them to take mincing steps when bold leaps are required.

- The fact that, as I write these words, somewhere in the world, people are starving, homeless, hurt, dying, and I have only these words to give.

This is why I am angry.

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